Sanya Phoenix Island Luxury Resort Condo’s and Apartments

Phoenix Island is the most prominent landmark on the 22 kilometer Beach stretch that is Sanya Bay.

It is reached over a 395 meter long private bridge that brings you into your private, tropical escape that is phoenix island on 18 Degrees Latitude.

  1. 7 of the most awaited developements in Sanya are going to be on Phoenix Island. Including a world class international luxury hotel, that prides itself with using the same materials and decor as the 7 Star Hotel in Dubai, Burj al Arab.
  2. An international resort with spa, beach, pools, fitness and recreational centers.
  3. An international Yacht Club, that aims to be the premier Yacht Club in Hainan.
  4. An international Cruise Ship Harbor for two of the worlds most luxurious Ocean Liners.
  5. A Business Club with private Villas for Meetings and Banquets of all sizes.
  6. A tropical shopping street which will boast all brands and franchises to offer the best possible comfort for residents and visitors of Phoenix Island.
  7. An Olympic Square with leisure and Fun Club offering lot’s of activity options for families.
The buildings are designed in a wonderful and unique way, aiming to represent the transition from ocean to clouds with the curves and wave like features of the buildings.

The development will feature five 28 storey buildings.
The units will be unique in shape, with high ceilings, full size windows, ocean and bay panoramic views and balconies.
It’s design is meant to let in as much tropical sunlight as possible, and give a feeling, of natural minimalism.

The main building is the 200 meter high world class hotel at the entrance of island over the bridge.

Apartments, Penthouses and Condo’s will come with a fully furnished and renovated option where only the best of the world’s best have been selected.

Handcrafted Furniture and Interior Design by Christopher Guy, who is also the Designer of The Trump in New York, The Sands, The Wynn Resorts and many other hotels as well as movies such as Sleuth and the Devil wears Prada.
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